9 Lessons Learned:

How to Live a Long and Healthy With Atrial Fibrillation

AF or Afib is the short form of Atrial Fibrillation. The heart is that body organ that is affected by Afib. The rate of the heartbeat gets irregular and rapid. A patient of Afib can beat the odds and challenges that come with this health condition by living a healthy lifestyle that will elongate his or her lifespan. These are the guidelines for maintaining a normal long happy and healthy life with Atrial Fibrillation.

Ensure that you eat healthy foods. You may have cravings, but even if it is your favorite food, if the nutritionist and your doctor advise you against eating it, do not go against them. Eat food that has been prepared with low amounts of salt, sugar, and fats. Avoid excess carbohydrates and stay dehydrated. Avoid severe and increased Atrial Fibrillation attacks by not taking alcohol, caffeine or smoking.

Create and stick to a convenient exercise routine. Your doctor will help you to create an exercising schedule and types of exercises that will not harm your health. You need a qualified personal trainer to watch over you as you exercise so that you do not hurt yourself. Do not engage in vigorous exercise because you will be endangering your delicate heart. You risk passing out because your delicate heart will not pump enough blood to supply oxygen to the rest of the body since more oxygen is needed to oxidize fats and create energy for you to do vigorous activities. Light exercises are appropriate for you because you need to prevent adding weight excessively and cardiovascular diseases that are caused by the build-up of fats in the blood vessels and around the heart because light exercises will burn down excess fats.

Avoid situations that will get you stressed, surprised, provoke your anger, and other intense emotions that make the adrenaline to shoot. Yoga and any other activity that makes you less upset is the best way to maintain healthy blood pressure and heartbeat rate.

Participate in social activities around you that you like to keep in touch with other people rather than limiting yourself to your family and doctors alone. Building your talent will help you not to be idle thus you will avoid negative emotions like self-pity.

Attend all the appointments with your doctor. Take you prescriptions religiously exactly the way the doctor prescribed them. You should be honest with your doctor about the signs and symptoms that you are experiencing. Regular checkups will help the doctor to determine alarming signs and symptoms on time.

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