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Essential Information to Read Before You Buy a Koi Fish

Most of the aquariums, water gardens, and ponds are filled with koi fish. There are many colors of koi fish from black, grey, orange, yellow, to white ones hence they are very attractive to humans. Koi fish are kept for decorating inside homes and business buildings. People are earning a lot of money by keeping koi fish for sale. Here are facts about butterfly koi fish that you should know before purchasing one.

The most expensive koi fish have unique patterns and bright colors. The older the platinum and lemon ogons grow the more beautiful they become. The adult metallic yellow and platinum ogon butterfly koi fish are beautiful to watch because of their slow and graceful movements. Under the water, their long fins and their uniform neon-white or gold color look like fireballs streaming behind them as they swim.

There are various famous types of butterfly koi fish. The bodies of the butterfly koi fish are bigger than the bright colored ones because of the genetic difference. Sorogoi is either black or grey and it has a fish net pattern. The adult Sorogoi is long and huge. Doitsu, karasu butterfly are black, their fins are long, and they have no scales.

The pattern on the butterfly koi fish may not be appealing, but beautiful fins make them adorable regardless of the poor pattern. Their long fins are susceptible to breaking and splitting when mishandled hence take care when handling them. The wounds of broken or split fins take log to heal in the adult koi fish which can be a great risk to their health because they will not be able to move efficiently.

You need the recommendation of your friends and family regarding the best koi fish to keep. If you do not have friends and family can refer you, check the online reviews of various koi fish dealers.

Find out the maintenance costs of each koi fish species so that you buy the one that you can afford to maintain. The prices of the koi fish depends on the species because some koi fish species are more popular than others. All koi fish are uniquely attractive hence what you can afford is the best.

Find out about the koi fish dealers near you and their reputation. The koi fish may not survive days on transit unless it is given extra special care hence it would be better to buy the fish from the nearest koi fish dealer. You will also save yourself the costs of transporting the koi fish over a long distance.

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