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Essential Tips to Help You Survive a Terrorist Attack

Although your chances of getting caught up in a terrorist bomb attack are small, it is vital that you know what to do during the attack and the prior preparations to make which may end up saving your life. The risk of being caught in a terrorist attack is steadily increasing even though there are some countries where it is smaller. The efforts of government authorities to keep people safe should be supplemented with quality training to help you survive a terrorist attack. With the globalization of the economy and increasingly open borders, you might be more vulnerable than you believe. Here are some things you should do to protect yourself in the event of a terrorist bomb attack.

The first step should be getting trained on the various ways you can escape uninjured during a terrorist attack. There are many organizations that provide this training on top of showing you how to use different counter-terrorism equipment. You can begin scouting for such a training organization by searching the internet. You might be overwhelmed by the many choices that might present themselves but just seek to find a counter-terrorism training organization that suits your needs. The aspect of reputation and experience is also quite important. You should also go for organizations that have qualified and preferably staff with military training. This will ensure you get topnotch training.

The first thing you should be aware of when you enter a social place is the exits available. Look for the nearest and widest exit you can find. It is highly advised that you go for non-electric exits only. Escalators and lifts are usually a scramble point and may lose power at any moment. You should go for fixed steps if you are on a higher floor. It is vital that if you are in the habit of visiting a given place, practice using the safest routes. Unless a threat is blocking your way, you should only go for the safest exits. Once you spot a threat, it is essential that you act immediately.

If you cannot flee, it is vital that you find the best stance to avoid projectiles like shrapnel. You should find cover behind a solid cover preferably reinforced concrete. Do not rely on what you see on movies like getting cover behind a table or even appliances like refrigerators. The only way you can use these is for hiding or getting out of sight of the terrorists. You should stay prone on the ground during an explosion because standing will expose more surface area to the flying shrapnel or projectiles.

You should also find an excellent place to barricade yourself in and call the police immediately. You should try to be as patient as possible and beware of threats or solicitations to get out of hiding which might be made by the terrorists. Try to remain as calm as possible. If you see an exit, you should go for it immediately an opportunity presents itself while being careful not to endanger your own life or that of others.

You will be able to learn these tips and many more by enrolling yourself in a counter-terrorism training program.

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